Aquamarine, March’s illustrious birthstone!

We all remember our favorite places near the sea or other landscapes next to the deep blue of the ocean. With striking tonalities ranging from intense blue, brilliant turquoise blue, through greenish tones to even pastel blue, the gemstone Aquamarine perfectly alludes to the huge beauty of the blue sea, transporting us straight away to an atmosphere of tranquility, harmony and peace. We have the fortune to feel these emotions each day just by observing this magnificent stone in the jewelry we wear during the month of our birthday, March.

Even with its name, this gem expresses its strong connection with the sea, because it literally means “sea water”, derived from the Latin words aqua (water) and marinus (which belongs to the sea). As well as its old relationship with the sailors, who used it by throwing it into the sea in honor of the god Poseidon or Neptune, asking him for protection against the inclemency of the ocean and to reach their destinations safely, considering this beautiful gem as their lucky charm or talisman.

The blue tonality of this gemstone is due to the concentration of traces of iron, which according to the quantity contained in each piece generates the different colors of great beauty that distinguish these stones. The Aquamarine belongs to the mineral family of the beryl (from the ancient Greek beryllos: green-blue gem), as well as other gemstones of sparkling and varied colors such as the bixbite, the emerald, the heliodorus or the morganite, among many others. The main extraction mines where this gem has been found are located in Brazil and also in some countries of Africa and Europe, highlighting the gorgeous blue tones of the South American country over the others. Its brightness, transparency, purity and hardness of 7.5 on the Moh’s scale make Aquamarine one of the most used stones in jewelry today, as well as the energetic properties attributed to it.

Being extracted from the depths of the earth and considering the universe as an inexhaustible source of energy that transmutes, it is understandable that all precious and semiprecious gems are often attributed to energetic or esoteric meanings. Today, Aquamarine, the birthstone of March, is valued as a stone that sharpens the common sense, communication and wisdom of those who wear it, attracting purification, balance, harmony, tolerance, reduction of stress, protection of the aura and alignment of the chakras; properties that it shares with those inspired by the sea.

For all the above reasons and much more, Aquamarine is one of the most splendid, inspiring and fine gems that nature offers, allowing us to create unique jewelry and accessories that complement perfectly with any skin color, eyes, outfits and occasion thanks to its blue and green colors. We can often see them complementing gold or silver in necklaces, rings, earrings, among many other jewels; giving a touch of color and joy, creating an ideal complement that will stand out the person who wear one of those pieces. Nowadays, Aquamarine is one of the most coveted gemstones. The fact of having one is like taking a little part of the sea on your body, in addition to its beauty, it gives you serenity and calm all day long.

Feel the same tranquility and harmonic energy of the water with the spectacular sparkles of the sea in these unique pieces. It is time to make a difference and leave your loved ones speechless with a jewel of exceptional beauty and charm on their birthday or special dates. Aquamarine is a stunning universal gemstone, versatile, classy and elegant, that you can wear during the month of March and throughout the year, thanks to its accessible prices. A wide variety of Aquamarine jewelry options awaits you at our nearest Prestigio Jewelers location, where our consultants will give you the perfect advice to make the right decision on a special occasion that deserves the best!

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