Prestigio Jewelers Credit Account  

No Credit, Bad Credit, Even Bankruptcy!


EVERYONE is APPROVED for a minimum of $400 with NO MONEY DOWN!

6 months proof of income and your credit is approved! Must be 18 years old or over.

For the last 20 years, our mission has always been to help people establish and re-establish their credit with the purchase of fine jewelry, sunglasses, watch, or accessories. We believe we have accomplished our goal by helping thousands of people with their credit.

Engagement rings, wedding sets, watches, gold chains and more, are in all our our stores and available to anyone with no credit, bad credit or even bankruptcy!

With 6 months proof of income you will get a credit line with Prestigio Jewelers, regardless of your credit history - I GUARANTEE IT!

- John Bubica

Founder/CEO of Prestigio Jewelers

Submit your information below. Then check your EMAIL for your GUARANTEED APPROVAL!

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