Jewelry cleaning and inspection

Why is it important to check prongs? How often should you have your jewelry cleaned?

Keep your jewelry looking like new even after years of use! With proper care and maintenance,  your precious ornaments will have a long life. To start, you will need to follow two basic rules: inspection and cleaning.


Just by sitting inside your drawer for the moment they are worn, or by daily use, your jewelry must be checked out periodically. For a basic inspection, you can use a magnifying glass to take a look of their aspect, brightness, if they have any imperfection, scratch, dirtiness or something is out of place. And in the case you detect any issue, do not hesitate to take them to a Prestigio Jewelers in the Central Valley for further inspection. Delaying might lend to increased damage or even to the loss important parts.

It is particularly important to pay attention to the prongs, in the case of rings or earrings with gemstones. Prongs are not only the support of the gemstone, but the total grip of the rock to the piece. You would not be happy at all if you were to lose a precious stone just because prongs were loose or broken, not to mention the fact a failure to have your jewelry checked on a regular basis usually results in a voided warranty.

So now you know: It happens. You must check them out in the occurrence of bumping or catching on something, because prongs can get bent or even broken. Check each piece from all angles; make sure each prong is in full contact with the gem: there should be no space between them. If you have any doubts, or it’s been a while since the last inspection, take your jewelry to an expert for expert analysis.


First of all, you must be aware of the kind of jewels in your collection, especially the kind of stones on them, because from this you will have to decide which particular measures to take in order to give them the proper care. Here there is some specific advice separated by gemstone, given by a Gemologist:

In general, you should use a very soft brush and mild-soapy water to wash your jewelry, and then you will have to rinse them very well with clean water. After that, use a clean dry cloth to remove the excess of water, and allow your jewels to air dry on a towel before using or storing them. There are also many items on the market specifically designed to clean jewelry worth considering. Do not execute this procedure directly at the sink, since you could lose a piece down the drain, use a bowl or cup instead. Remember that jewelry should be cleaned regularly; the recommended period is every 90 days.

You always have the option to choose a professional center where this and other procedures like galvanizing, polishing and ultrasonic baths are used, suited to the peculiarities of metals and gems of your jewels. All of this equipment along with trained staff members can be found at any one of our central valley locations.

Other important considerations for long-lasting jewelry are:

– Always follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer.

– Be careful with storage, since jewelry can be scratched if when in contact with each other or with a rough surface. The best way to store them is to place them individually in their own case, ideally the one provided by the manufacturer, as these boxes or cases have been expressly conceived for this purpose.

– Jewelry containing chains like collars, pendants or bracelets must be closed and extended in order to avoid knots.

– Avoid contact with chemical products like perfumes, hairspray and acids; when washing your hands, take off your jewelry, especially when using corrosive products.

Understanding how to care for your treasured accessories will help keep your heirlooms in good condition, shiny and sparkly for many years to come.

And of course keep in mind that jewelry cleaning and inspection is always free of charge at your local Prestigio Jewelers location. Stop in and see us any time!

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