Surprise for October babies!

Were you born in October? Then you don’t have one, but two birthstone options:

Opal and Tourmaline

Why two?

October is right in the heart of autumn, when this season’s light and colors give impressive beauty to this period of the year. Colors are even more intense because of the sunny days and the cold nights, creating temperature changes and altering plant’s structure producing a great variety of hues. Brilliance and vibrant colors of tourmalines and opals resemble the colorful nature and landscapes in autumn. Get immersed in this full-pigment sea! We have both Opal and Tourmaline gemstones for the lucky ones born-in-October!

You’d probably like to know as well that, according to legends, the origins of these two attractive birthstones involve rainbows. In an old Egyptian legend it is told that tourmaline traveled up from the center of the Earth and in its way up passed over a rainbow and gathered all the rainbow colors. For aboriginal Australians, opal is our creator’s footprint, which touched the Earth at the base of a rainbow to bring harmony to the world.

The name tourmaline apparently comes from the Sinhalese, or Sri Lankan, tura mali which literally means ‘the stone of mixed colors’. While the name opal seems to come from Latin Opalus and Greek Opallios which mean ‘to see a change’, words derived from Sanskrit Upala ‘precious stone’.

Opal may be found on all continents including Antarctica. However, most localities produce common opal only. Australia, Mexico and Ethiopia are the principal source of the most valuable opal, as well as Peru, Slovakia, Canada and The United States. On the other hand, the main tourmaline mines are located in Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil and the United States.

Both opal and tourmaline have characteristics that make them truly unique among all the other gems.

Opal is a gemstone composed of millions of tiny silica spheres of different sizes. These spheres refract light and cause the beautiful spectral colors you see in an opal. Differences on the size of these spheroids are what actually produce the different colors to delight our eyes. Opal is the only gem in which all the visible colors of the spectrum can be seen. The phenomenon of shifting spectral colors is called Play-of-Color and is exclusive to opal. Unlike most other gemstones, opal is therefore not a crystal, but rather an amorphous solid. Within the opal group there is a distinction between opalescent noble opals, red yellow fire opals and common opals, being the first ones the most valuable. Take a look of our collection and dazzle yourself with our exceptional jewelry.

Because its light and energy reflecting properties, the stone is said to boost self-worth, confidence and self-esteem leading to self-knowledge and helping its owner to amplify thoughts and feelings for a better understanding. In Asia, opal is viewed as a symbol of hope, in India it was thought that if an opal was passed over the forehead, it would clear the brain and strengthen memory.



As for tourmaline, we have a silicate complex mineral containing boron and other trace elements which produce the distinct varieties of colors. Iron and magnesium produce dark tourmalines; lithium and manganese produce red tourmalines (or Rubellite); lithium and vanadium produce green tourmalines (or Verdelite); other compositions give rise to other shades as the purplish or greenish blue variety: Paraíba, and the Achroite or colorless tourmaline.

Tourmalines display thus a wide spectrum of colors from yellow, blue, pink, red, green, black, and brown, or even parti-colored tourmalines exhibiting a combination of colors. Pink tourmaline is the rarest member of the tourmaline family. Discover which your favorite is.

The Swedish botanist Carl Von Linne called tourmaline “The electric stone” due to its ability to become electrically charged through heat, property called pyroelectricity. The tourmaline is believed to have more of psychological effects than physical effects and helps one retain their calm when under pressure. Frequently called “The Peace Stone”, it is credited with the ability to dispel anger, fear, jealousy and aggressiveness, to ease feelings and get power back.


The appeal of these two precious gems is based upon color intensity, diversity, uniformity, pattern and originality. Come in and get yours or find the perfect one for your loved one born in October!

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