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With 6 locations and thousands of pieces in stock, Prestigo Jewelers has the perfect gift for anyone. See one of our consultants today to help with your selection. From brand names such as Gucci, Movado, Bulova, G-Shock, Citizen and more – visit Prestigio Jewelers today.

Fashion Trends

During my visits to the latest jewelry and fashion shows in Las Vegas, New York & Miami, I am inspired by some of the new designers.  They are pushing forward with new trends that are a welcome change in a somewhat stagnant industry. As a retailer of fine jewelry it has always been our goal to bring in original designs that reflect both who you are, and what you aspire to be. This year we have worked diligently to bring you some of the top designers in the industry such as Mitchell Binder of King Baby Studio, Chelsea Taylor and Scott Kay.

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Diamonds and the four C’s

At Prestigio Jewelery, we understand your need to feel secure in your online purchase. To help you decide on the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself or a gift for someone special in your life, here is some information to help you better understand the grading system for diamonds.

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Gold Facts

The purity of any precious metal or stone has been defined by the term Carat or Karat. Pure gold is equivalent to 24 Karat (24K). Pure gold comes in yellow, but it can be produced in shades of rose, white, green, and even two-tone. None of these additional colors are natural.

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Silver Facts

The purity or fineness of silver alloys is now described using the Millesimal System in most countries. This system uses a number to represent the purity of the alloy. The number described purity in parts per thousand.

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